Psychologist (Intern)

December 21, 2017
POSITION: School Psychologist Intern
STARTING DATE: 2018-2019 school year
QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Current enrollment in an approved graduate level program from an accredited university/college leading to licensure for the position of
School Psychologist
2. Eligibility for ISBE School Psychologist Intern status
1.Work year: Will be determined according to District 2018-2019 calendar in consultation with College/University calendar.
2.Salary: At least $15,000
3.Benefits: None
PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: See attached job description.
APPLY TO: Interested applicants should attach a letter of interest and supportive documentation
(Complete resume, copy of certificate, college credentials and transcripts, and references) to the
On-line application on the District web site at: https://www.applitrack.com/d228/OnlineApp/default.aspx
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Until position is filled
TITLE OF THE POSITION: School Psychologist Intern
REPORTS TO: Psychologists, PPS Directors, Special Education Administrators
1.To assist in maintaining high quality services for staff, students, parents, and community members who utilize the services assigned to this position.
2.To assist immediate supervisor in carrying out the duties assigned to that position.
3.To strive for positive and collegial public relations with the staff, students, parents and community members.
4.To maintain confidentiality in all areas assigned to this position.
The ideal candidate must be invested in improving the school educational experience of those students with identified or suspected learning, emotional, or behavioral difficulties and disabilities through a program of psychological diagnosis and therapy. The individual must be currently enrolled in an approved graduate level program from an accredited university/college leading to licensure for the position of School Psychologist. The candidate must also be eligible for the ISBE School Psychologist Intern status.
Experience in a high school or post-secondary school setting is beneficial.
1.Possess the ability to speak clearly and be understood by others.
2.Possess the ability to write legibly.
3.Possess the ability and have received the training to effectively operate a computer, using a PC platform, at a level which would allow a candidate to pass a test administered for this position.
4.Possess the ability to demonstrate effective telephone skills and the ability to operate a modern phone system.
5.Demonstrate the ability to calmly address individuals using the services offered by the position.
6.Possess an acceptable attendance history in prior positions and demonstrate the ability to meet the daily attendance requirements of the designated position.
7.Possess a successful work history, supported by references, in a work setting similar to the position for which the candidate is applying.
8.Demonstrate the ability to practice confidentiality with sensitive information.
9.Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills to assist in establishing a positive climate in the work environment.
Interns will be supervised by district school psychologists and will have an opportunity to access and gain hands-on experience with a wide range of student populations and disabilities.
Serve as a mental health professional on building RtI teams at the high school level;
Provide academic and behavioral screening and problem solving;
Administer standardized and curriculum-based assessments (cognitive, academic, and social-emotional initial and re-evaluations as well as specialized assessments for low-incidence/self-contained populations);
Interpret test results, draw conclusions, and make recommendations to school personnel, other concerned professionals, parents, and students;
Report writing and preparation/completion of IEP paperwork;
Facilitate IEP domain meetings and maintain compliance for (re)-evaluations;
Complete case study evaluations and facilitate eligibility determinations;
Provide therapeutic intervention/counseling for students with social/emotional/behavioral needs;
Serve as a resource person for teachers and other school personnel concerning the link between cognitive functioning and academic achievement, social/emotional and behavioral needs;
Crisis management team member with psychologists, social workers, counselors, and administration;
504 plan development and monitoring;
Collaboration and communication with parents, local community health, and social welfare agencies;
Assist in the placement of students in district and cooperative post-secondary transition programs;
Other duties relating to the school psychology field, as assigned by school psychologists and special education administration.
1. Work year: Will be determined according to District 2018-2019 calendar in consultation with College/University calendar.
2.Salary: At least $15,000
3.Benefits: No health, dental, or life insurance benefits.
Interns will have the ability to attend professional development trainings and conferences provided by or paid for by the district, opportunities to present to staff on best practices with tiered interventions, opportunity to regularly meet and problem solve with current district psychologists, and submit mileage reimbursement for travel between district buildings and out of district sites.
School District No. 228 is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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